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Ebla Chat


Ebla Chat is an internal chat between users in EspoCRM. It allows users to communicate with each other in real-time.


You can see chats as standars list view from #Dialog, you can add it to menu for quick access.

Ebla Chats List


Stream Posts:

Ebla Chat uses the same stream posts as EspoCRM. Users can post messages, images, and files, this is good for performance and compatibility with other EspoCRM features.


If WebSockets are not available, Ebla Chat will refresh the chat every 15 seconds.


To change the refresh time, you can set the new value to popupNotificationsCheckInterval parameter in the config.php file. Default is 15 seconds.


In addition to EspoCRM notifications, Ebla Chat will notify users with grouped popup notifications. See the picture below.

Ebla Chat Popup Notifications

Voice Messages:

Users can send voice messages to each other. This also enable voice message attaching to any record stream post in EspoCRM.

Ebla Chat Voice Messages


Ebla Chat uses EspoCRM permissions. Users can only chat with users they have permission to see.

Ebla Chat Permissions

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